Highest Scoring Soccer Game Ever Recorded – Explained by Soccer Coach

Soccer, the world’s most popular sport, has seen some remarkable games throughout history. But what stands out among the thrilling matches are the ones where the scoreboard doesn’t seem to stop ticking. Among these, the highest scoring soccer game stands out as a remarkable feat that captures the imagination of fans around the world.

These games break records and send fans into a state of madness. This article will discover what is the highest scoring soccer game and what makes these games so special, as well as how each kick, pass, and goal adds a new chapter.

Highest Scoring Soccer Game

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Highest Scoring Soccer Game

From protests leading to own goals to genuine mismatches and match-fixing allegations, the world of soccer has seen some extraordinary scorelines. Let’s find out some of the highest scoring game in soccer

1) AS Adema 149-0 Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne

In a bizarre game on October 31, 2002, in the Madagascan top flight, AS Adema faced Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne. The match was the final fixture of a four-team round-robin playoff, and AS Adema had already secured the league title. Players for SO Emyrne started scoring their own goals as a protest after a dubious refereeing call in the previous game. They scored an incredible 149 own goals in 90 minutes, leading to Adema’s 149-0 victory. The result is the record for the highest-scoring soccer game ever, with dire consequences for the visitors, including job losses and three-year bans for the coach and four players.

2) Plateau United Founders 79-0 Akurba

This astonishing result occurred on the same day as another high-scoring game in the lower leagues of Nigerian football. Plateau United Founders defeated Akurba 79-0, with Akurba conceding 72 goals in the second half, many of which were own goals. The match led to serious allegations of match-fixing, and after an investigation, all four clubs involved faced severe consequences, including ten-year bans for each club and lifetime bans for all players and match officials.

3) Police Machine FC 67-0 Bubayaro FC

On July 7, 2013, Police Machine FC faced Bubayaro FC in the lower leagues of Nigerian football. After leading 6-0 in the first half, Police Machine saw Bubayaro collapse, scoring a succession of own goals that led to a 67-0 loss. This result, along with the Plateau United Founders vs Akurba game, was labelled a “scandal of huge proportions” by the Nigerian Football Federation Organising Committee, leading to accusations of match-fixing.

4) Vanuatu 46-0 Micronesia (2015)

The Federated States of Micronesia, a nation known for having limited funds and a small pool of players, faced a crushing defeat against Vanuatu in the 2015 Pacific Games tournament. Micronesia’s Under-23s team crashed out of the tournament with a 46-0 loss, part of a disastrous campaign in which they conceded 114 goals across three games. This result is a testament to the challenges some of the smaller footballing nations face in the Pacific islands.

5) Fiji vs Micronesia 38-0

In the Pacific Games on July 5, 2015, Fiji’s Under-23 team defeated Micronesia 38-0. The Federated States of Micronesia’s team, mostly new to soccer, struggled against Fiji, conceding 21 goals in the first half and 17 in the second. The game was part of a challenging campaign for Micronesia, who conceded 68 goals in two matches.

6) Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord (1885)

In September 1885, Scottish Championship side Arbroath FC achieved a remarkable victory over newly-formed Scottish side Bon Accord. The match occurred in the first round of the Scottish Cup at Arbroath’s Gayfield ground, resulting in a 36-0 win for Arbroath. This game holds the record for the largest margin of victory in a genuinely competitive game, and it has contributed to the stadium’s reputation as an extremely challenging place for visiting teams.

7) Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers (1885)

In the first round of the Scottish Cup in 1885, Dundee Harp achieved an incredible 35-0 victory over Aberdeen Rovers. The game was played on the same day as Arbroath’s 36-0 win over Bon Accord, making it a historic day in Scottish football. The referee initially recorded 37 goals, but the official score was later corrected to 35-0.

8) Australia 31-0 American Samoa (2001)

On April 11, 2001, Australia set the world record for the biggest victory in an international soccer match by defeating American Samoa 31-0. The game was played at the Australians’ International Sports Stadium, and the American Samoa team needed to be competitive. Archie Thompson scored 13 goals for the home side, setting a personal record for the most scored by one player in an international game. The match was later featured in the documentary “Next Goal Wins,” highlighting the journey of American Samoa’s football team.

9) Tahiti 30-0 Cook Islands (1971)

Tahiti’s national team marked a significant milestone in the 1971 South Pacific Games by defeating the Cook Islands 30-0. This game was the Cook Islands’ first-ever international match, and the loss remains a record in Pacific Games history. Tahiti’s victory fell just one goal short of Australia’s world record 31-0 win over American Samoa.

10) Tahiti vs Micronesia 30-0

Tahiti recorded the highest-ever football score in Pacific Games history by defeating debutants Micronesia 30-0 on July 3, 2015. The Tahiti team led 10-0 at halftime before scoring another 20 times in the second half. This victory at the Bisini Sports Grounds marked a significant achievement for Tahiti and a challenging introduction to the Pacific Games for Micronesia.

11) Villareal 27-0 Navata (2009)

In a friendly match in the 21st century, La Liga side Villareal faced Navata, a semi-professional team based in Catalonia. The game ended with a staggering 27-0 victory for Villareal. Striker Jonathan Pereira scored an impressive seven goals, while fellow forwards Joseba Llorente and Ruben Marcos contributed significantly. Even former Arsenal player Robert Pires got in on the action. Though it was friendly, the result’s sheer magnitude and the fact that it happened so recently make it noteworthy.

12) Bayern Munich 27-0 FC Rottach-Egern (2023)

Bayern Munich’s pre-season friendly against 9th-tier side FC Rottach-Egern ended in a 27-0 victory for the Bundesliga giants on July 23, 2023. With an 18-0 lead at halftime, Bayern continued to dominate, with players like Jamal Musiala, Mathys Tel, and Marcel Sabitzer each netting five goals.

13) Preston North End 26-0 Hyde United (1887)

Going back to the 19th century, Preston North End, a dominant force in English football, faced lower league opposition Hyde FC in the First Round of the FA Cup. The match ended with a 26-0 victory for Preston North End, the biggest victory in the competition’s history. This game showcases the significant gulf in quality between teams, leading to such lopsided results.

14. Tonga 0–22 Australia

In a first-round qualifier for the 2002 World Cup finals, Australia set a world record by defeating Tonga 22-0. This match saw Coventry striker John Aloisi score six goals, while Wolves midfielder Kevin Muscat contributed five. The victory surpassed the previous record of China’s 20-0 defeat of Bhutan in an Asian Cup qualifier in 2000. Australia’s triumph also broke the record for the largest victory in a World Cup qualifier, previously held by Iran, who beat Guam 19-0. This game remains a significant milestone in international football history.

15. Canada 21-0 Puerto Rico

Canada’s women’s team achieved an emphatic victory over Puerto Rico, winning 21-0 in the 1998 CONCACAF Women’s Championship. This win is the biggest margin of victory in a Women’s World Cup qualifier. Canada’s triumph in this match led them to the tournament’s final, where they secured the sole automatic place for the 1999 Women’s World Cup by defeating Mexico 1-0. The match against Puerto Rico remains a highlight in Canadian women’s soccer, showcasing their regional dominance.

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Highest Scoring Soccer Game Premier League

The English Premier League, known for its competitive nature and world-class talent, has also been the stage for some of the most goal-rich games in football history. From thrilling comebacks to unexpected blowouts, these matches have become part of the league’s rich tapestry.

1) Portsmouth 7-4 Reading (29 September 2007)

When Portsmouth defeated Reading 7-4 in September 2007 at Fratton Park, it was the highest-scoring match in Premier League history. Since 1988, no game in the top division has ended with a score of 7-4 and 11 goals have been scored in this one. Benjani scored a hat-trick on that day, which helped him secure a move to Manchester City later that season.

2) Tottenham 6-4 Reading (29 December 2007)

Tottenham’s 6-4 win over Reading was a rollercoaster match at White Hart Lane. Seven of the 10 goals were scored in the final half hour, with Dimitar Berbatov scoring four times. Reading led on three occasions, but Spurs’ quality eventually prevailed in this unforgettable game.

3) Tottenham Hotspur 9-1 Wigan Athletic (22 November, 2009)

On November 22, 2009, Tottenham Hotspur thrashed Wigan Athletic 9-1 in London. The teams went into half-time with Spurs leading only 1-0, but Harry Redknapp’s side scored eight goals in the second half. Jermain Defoe netted five of these goals within just 35 minutes and 20 seconds. This remains Spurs’ biggest win in league competition since 1977.

4) Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal (28 August 2011)

Manchester United’s 8-2 victory over Arsenal at Old Trafford was a masterclass. Wayne Rooney’s hat-trick and Ashley Young’s first two goals for the club contributed to Arsenal’s heaviest league defeat since 1927. The result left a mark on Arsène Wenger’s side.

5) Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle United ( 29 December, 2012)

Arsenal defeated Newcastle United 7-3 at the Emirates Stadium on December 29, 2012, giving their fans a late Christmas present. Theo Walcott was the star of the show, scoring a hat-trick and assisting two more of Arsenal’s goals. This was the last occasion that Arsenal scored as many as seven goals in a league game.

Below is a table of the top 10 highest-scoring Premier League matches:

Goals ScoredDateHome TeamResultAway TeamGoalscorers
1129 September 2007Portsmouth7–4ReadingBenjani 6′, 37′, 70′, Hreiðarsson 55′, Kranjčar 75′, Ingimarsson 81′ (o.g.), Muntari 90+2′ (pen.) Hunt 45′, Kitson 48′, Long 79′, Campbell 90+4′ (o.g.)
1029 December 2007Tottenham Hotspur6–4ReadingBerbatov 7′, 63′, 73′, 83′, Malbranque 76′, Defoe 79′ Cissé 16′, Ingimarsson 53′, Kitson 69′, 74′
1022 November 2009Tottenham Hotspur9–1Wigan AthleticCrouch 9′, Defoe 51′, 54′, 58′, 69′, 87′, Lennon 64′, Bentley 88′, Kranjčar 90′ Scharner 57′
1028 August 2011Manchester United8–2ArsenalWelbeck 22′, Young 28′, 90+1′, Rooney 41′, 64′, 82′ (pen.), Nani 67′, Park J.S. 70′ Walcott 45+3′, Van Persie 74′
1029 December 2012Arsenal7–3Newcastle UnitedWalcott 20′, 73′, 90+2′, Oxlade-Chamberlain 50′, Podolski 64′, Giroud 84′, 87′ Ba 43′, 69′, Marveaux 59′
1019 May 2013West Bromwich Albion5–5Manchester UnitedMorrison 40′, Lukaku 50′, 81′, 86′, Mulumbu 81′ Kagawa 6′, Olsson 9′ (o.g.), Büttner 30′, Van Persie 53′, Hernández 63′
99 April 1994Norwich City4–5SouthamptonRobins 37′, Goss 49′, Sutton 56′, 64′ Ullathorne 44′ (o.g.), Le Tissier 58′, 63′ (pen.), 73′, Monkou 90′
94 March 1995Manchester United9–0Ipswich TownKeane 15′, Cole 19′, 37′, 53′, 65′, 87′, Hughes 55′, 59′, Ince 72′ –
926 October 1996Southampton6–3Manchester UnitedBerkovic 6′, 63′, Le Tissier 34′, Østenstad 45′, 85′, P. Neville 90′ (o.g.) Beckham 41′, May 56′, Scholes 89′
926 August 1997Blackburn Rovers7–2Sheffield WednesdayGallacher 2′, 7′, Hyde 10′ (o.g.), Wilcox 20′, Sutton 24′, 74′, Bohinen 53′ Carbone 8′, 47′

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Highest Scoring Game in World Cup History

The FIFA World Cup, the pinnacle of international soccer, has been home to some of the most exciting and high-scoring games ever played. These matches, filled with drama, skill, and sheer determination, have not only broken records but have also captured the hearts of fans across the globe.

1) 12 goals: Austria 7-5 Switzerland at Switzerland 1954

Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5 in the 1954 World Cup quarter-finals. After trailing 3-0, Austria scored five times in 15 minutes to lead 5-4 at halftime. Theodor Wagner and Josef Hugi completed hat-tricks in this goal-fest.

2) 11 goals: Hungary 10-1 El Salvador at Spain 1982

Hungary’s 10-1 victory over El Salvador in 1982 marked the first time a team scored 10 goals in a World Cup match. Laszlo Kiss’s second-half hat-trick led the way, with six different Hungarian players scoring.

3) 11 goals: Hungary 8-3 Germany at Switzerland 1954

Hungary handed Germany an 8-3 defeat in 1954. Sandor Kocsis netted four times in this group-stage match, showcasing Hungary’s dominance as reigning Olympic champions.

4) 11 goals: Brazil 6-5 Poland at France 1938

Brazil’s 6-5 win over Poland in 1938 saw Polish striker Ernst Willimowski score four times. Leonidas’s hat-trick in extra time secured Brazil’s thrilling victory.

5) 10 goals: France 7-3 Paraguay at Sweden 1958

France’s 7-3 win over Paraguay in 1958 featured a hat-trick by Just Fontaine. France’s five second-half goals helped them come back from a goal down to win convincingly.

These matches represent some of the most exciting and goal-rich games in the history of the FIFA World Cup, showcasing the unpredictability and thrill of the beautiful game.

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Most Goals Scored in a Soccer Game by One Player

Archie Thompson holds the record for the most goals scored in an international soccer game, netting 13 against American Samoa during Australia’s 31-0 victory in April 2001. Stephan Stanis and Panagiotis Pontikos, who both scored 16 goals in a single game, jointly hold the record at the domestic level.

In women’s soccer, Shokhan Nooraldin Salihi scored 15 goals for Al-Hilal against Sama during the 2022–23 Saudi Women’s Premier League season.

How the Highest Scoring Soccer Game Happened

The highest scoring soccer game ever was AS Adema 149–0 SO l’Emyrne, occurring on October 31, 2002, in Madagascar. This unusual result was a deliberate protest by SO l’Emyrne against previous refereeing decisions.

Already losing the championship, they decided to lose by the biggest score possible, scoring 149 own goals. AS Adema, the opposition, simply stood back and watched. This game broke the previous record from 1885 when Arbroath beat Bon Accord 36-0.

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What Are the Consequences of Scoring So Many Goals in a Game

Scoring an unusually high number of goals in a game can have various consequences. In the case of the AS Adema 149-0 SO l’Emyrne match, the deliberate own goals led to severe repercussions.

The coach of SO l’Emyrne was suspended for three years, and four players were suspended until the end of the season.

Such incidents can damage the reputation of the sport and the involved teams. They may also lead to changes in rules or regulations to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Summing Up on Highest Scoring Soccer Game

The world of soccer has witnessed some truly extraordinary games, where scoreboards have been pushed to their limits.

These highest-scoring matches not only provide entertainment but also tell unique stories of triumph, protest, and the unbreakable spirit of the sport.

From the early days of the game to the modern era, these record-breaking matches reflect the evolution of soccer, showcasing the skill, strategy, and passion that make it the world’s most beloved sport.

FAQs on Highest Scoring Soccer Game

Who Did Australia Beat 31-0?

In April 11, 2001, Australia defeated American Samoa 31-0 in an Oceanian qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The game, held at Coffs Harbour’s International Sports Stadium, set a world record for the largest victory in international football. Archie Thompson scored 13 goals, a remarkable individual feat.

Did Erling Haaland Scored 9 Goals?

Yes, Erling Haaland scored 9 goals in a match in the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He scored all 9 goals for Norway in their 12-0 victory over Honduras. In the history of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, this is the most goals a player has ever scored in a single game. The 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup was held in Poland. Norway finished in third place in the tournament, their best finish ever.

What is the Biggest Blowout in Fifa History?

The biggest blowout in FIFA history is Australia’s 31-0 victory over American Samoa in a 2001 FIFA World Cup qualification match. This match is still considered to be one of the most lopsided matches in the history of international football. Australia’s 31-0 victory over American Samoa is the biggest victory in the history of international football. American Samoa had only 11 players available for the match due to injuries and suspensions.

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